Where Are They Now?

This page is dedicated to our past puppies and their lovely families.  Have a picture you want us to share?  Send it to us, we’d love to put it up. We have lots of past puppies on instagram who have their own pages go check them out or give them a follow!

@sirgeorgevincent   @pardon_myfrenchie  @jobinthebulldog  @misspennynickel  @kona_jaine_the_frenchie

@maverick.the.frenchie    @zoeythefrenchie_   @2zeor8_frenchies

This is Frankie, he is Cocoas and Cj from Remarkabullz son. He is headed to his home in New York where he will be the face of Angel Aerial. A movie and television business company.


This is Chocolate Chrome. He is an amazing stud who lives in the U.K. he is one of cocoas past puppies. He has already sired several beautiful dogs.

This is Lord Reese’s peanutbutter cup- He is staying in California with this amazing loving family!

Kona going to San Jose- Follow her on instagram kona jane

Olive going to Santa Cruz

Tango going to San Carlos


Otis getting ready for his big trip to his new home in Colorado!

We had a Baytown gathering.  Here are some pics of that day


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