Essential oils and dogs

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At Baytown we are passionate about healthy living and making sure what we put in and on our bodies and our Dogs bodies is safe and free from harmful chemicals. These are some great all natural products that we have found and love. As well there is a whole line of pet friendly essential oils that can help you protect and care for your dog without the worry of harming them with harsh chemicals.

T-away- is a pet friendly oil that helps to calm your animal.

Puriclean- is an all natural way to kill germs in cuts or sores or unhappy skin.

Mendwell- does just what is says and helps to speed up the process.

Infectaway- also does just what it says no prescription needed and there right when you need it.

The shampoo leaves your dog smelling great, has a calming effect and is infused with essential oils that will protect your pets skin after you wash.

The animal scents ointment is a favorite of mine for bulldogs especially. you can rub this in creases and folds, on foot pads anywhere they may need extra moisture or help with their skin. on hand and all natural.

The dental chews are like Greenies but better because they aren’t full of unknown ingredients and are natural.

If you value natural living and want to achieve this for your bulldog or other pets check these out.

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