Baytown Babies- Available 

We currently don’t have any puppies available. We are planning a French bulldog litter for this summer and more frenchies and English bulldog pups in the future. We may have an adult available. Email or call/text720-234-0514 for information.

Precious puppy sold to family on Long Island, New York.

English Bulldog Cocoa Chanel- Chocolate Tri


Chrome JR from Remarkabulls

16 thoughts on “Baytown Babies- Available 

  1. Interested In English puppy and also French. Concerned about potential health issues as I have had great luck with mixed breeds in the past but heard the medical bills for the pure breads of English and French can be very high. What. Can you tell me about the health history of past bread dogs from this breeder?

  2. Hi I’m interested in buying a English Bulldog puppy. We lost ours over two years ago and I’m ready to get another one. My husband and son have been dying to get one but I was just so sad about loosing our last one. When is your next litter?

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