Baytown’s available puppies

We currently have a litter of 6 english bulldog puppies born August 17th 2020. Only 1 remains available he is the first puppy below. there are 4 girls and 2 boys all chocolate tri and lilac tris carrying all. mom is our Cocoa and sire is Rushmore from Gold legacy bulldogs(photos of them are below). These pups are all happy and healthy. In addition these english bulldogs are powerhouses. They have amazing pedigree on both mom and dads side. They have excellent temperment so quiet and happy. They have pehnomenal confirmation, structure, rope. Then the exotic coloring on these dogs is amazing. They all have unique coloring and are beautiful. They will grow to be amazing dogs.

They are all AKC registered with pet and full rights available. We don’t sell to puppy mills or irresponsible breeders. All pups can be hand delivered across the world. pups fly with me in cabin- never in cargo. Bulldogs actually cannot fly cargo at all.

Email or call/text 720-234-0514 for information.

1st male he’s a little teddy bear! He is going ot be a powerhouse Stud. He has amazing marking with his tan points showing proudly. His rope and wrinkles has been there since birth. AVAILABLE

Second male! RESERVED

1st female chocolate tri- RESERVED

2nd chocolate tri female. she is the most petite dog in the litter. She is incredibly short stocky with the blocky head and nose rope pronounced. She is short to the ground and her tan points are coming in nicely! RESERVED

1st and only available lilac tri female. she is compact and short and a true beauty. Her light coloring and tan points mixed with her thick rope and short legs will make her a stunning pet or welcome addition to  your breeding program.  RESERVED


2nd lilac tri female  has her home already and soooo beautiful


Cocoa Dame- she is short and stocky and one amazing dog and sweet girl.

Sire Rushmore from Gold Legacy Bulldogs showing the potential and pedigree of these pups.

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