4 pups born November 3rd available and looking for their forever homes!

image image The pups have arrived! There are three girls and three boys! There are three black and whites and three chocolate pups. At this point the black and white pups are looking lighter with a chocolate color as well. This litters solid pups are chocolate. One black and white male and two chocolate males. Two black and white female and one chocolate female. Mom is healthy and the pups are all healthy and growing everyday! More Pictures to follow! Email me for  with any questions or to make a deposit on a pup. These would be great christmas pups and a wonderful addition to your family.


  1. Joy

    Hello, We are about to adopt an English Bulldog family member now. Which puppies do you have available please? We are empty-nesters from Calgary and lost our 10 year old English Bully in August. We are now ready to add to our family. Thank-you, Joy


  2. Venessa

    I’m in Santa Cruz looking for a French Bulldog. I would like to be kept up-to-date and meet some breeders kind of get to know the breed. I’ve had a Boston Terrier before so I’m well aware of their temperament and how clean they need to be there very sensitive


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