About Baytown Bulldogs

We are a small  breeder now located in the BOISE metro area (Meridian, Idaho) striving to produce the highest quality French and English Bulldogs focusing on confirmation, health, temperament and beauty. We recently moved from the Bay Area in CALIFORNIA. FOR US this means more room for our dogs and puppies to run and play. FOR YOU that means we are more centrally located in the USA. We still make regular visits to California and can bring pups with no need for flying. We also nanny fly our pups anywhere Worldwide. We have placed dogs all over the USA well as Canada, the UK and other countries worldwide.

We take all assurances to make sure our dogs are getting the best care and treatment. We have a great local veterinarian that has a lot of experience with breeding and whelping as well as AI. They use the ZOETIS semen storing system. All of our dogs are fed a high quality, all natural food to promote health and shiny coat.

Natural care is very important to us.  We use essential oils and young living natural dog products to ensure that we are not putting harmful chemicals in or on our dogs. This gives us a better chance at healthy animals which is of highest importance to us.

French and English Bulldogs are a great breed and wonderful animal to add to your family. They are true family dogs. They are primarily indoor animals that love to play and hang out with the family. They are great on walks however French and English Bulldogs DO NOT tolerate high heat or cold temperatures. These dogs love to play outside but need to be kept as indoor dogs. Please keep in mind the extra care that needs to be given to a Bulldog before making the decision to adopt one.  There are plenty of great websites out there that can help you to fully understand this lovable breed. If you have any French or English bulldog related questions don’t hesitate to use us here at Baytown Bulldogs, as we are well versed on the breed.

We have a contract and a 1 year health guarantee that is in line with Bulldog industry standards. Before going home with you, each puppy will have a complete check up with the veterinarian. They will be sent home with a bag of their current food, AKC puppy folder, copy of the litter certificate, toy and something special with their mom’s scent to help them transition.  All puppies come pre-spoiled and with extra love from our family. We treat all our puppies with the utmost love and affection. They all will get used to going potty on a pad, going outside and playing in the grass and exploring the house and their environment, so they are socialized when they go home with you. They will be familiar with children, adults and other dogs.

Please contact us if you are interested in learning more about adopting these truly one-of-a-kind French and English Bulldogs.

A non-refundable deposit of $500- $2,000( depending on the full price)is required to reserve your puppy.

Baytown Bulldogs contact info
Cell phone# 720-234-0514

Like us at:  https://www.facebook.com/baytownbulldog

Follow us on Instagram @baytownbulldogs

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